About Us

Gerry Grossman Seminars

Gerry Grossman Seminars was founded in 1985 immediately after Gerry received his MFT license. Since its inception, the underlying philosophy of GGS has been to provide students with a connected, personalized delivery of service with materials of the highest quality. Starting out with individual tutoring, GGS moved to offer Los Angeles-based MFT classes. Over the years the seminar has successfully adapted to many different examination formats and the evolution of the field of psychology was reflected in the CE offerings that were developed.

Interested, qualified GGS students became instructors and over time GGS provided workshops in 10 different locations throughout California. Examination classes and materials were developed for California LCSW and LPCC candidates. Materials were created for the national MFT and LCSW exams.

For over 35 years, GGS has helped thousands of people gain their licenses and acquire meaningful CE hours. It’s been an honor and privilege for GGS to serve our therapeutic community.